19 August 2010

Love in the Sticks ~ Part Two

Dark storm clouds gave way to a silvery dawn and wind tossed leaves. Trees swayed in the breeze and the robin tightened his grasp on his perch. He couldn't believe his eyes. Beneath the cover of darkness his love has done a bunk.

He ignored the dawn chorus and watched the sun come up in silence. Flocks of other birds feasted on the now soggy seeds in the tray below him but the robin didn't care. He kept searching the area for the missing red-eyed green box.

He heard the door of the human box open and watched 'the man' approach. He carried the box in his hands. How dare the human take his love away from him! He let off a volley of cracks and twitters to let the man know how he felt about his actions.

His anger evaporated when he saw his love once again perched on the edge of the tray. He watched the man retrace his steps and disappear. He flew down, his heart full of joy, and began singing.

Perhaps today his love would respond.

He looked about him and spied an ideal gift. If she accepted this small twig he knew they could build a nest together. He set the twig down on the ground in front of her and waited.

And waited...

Her lack of appreciation annoyed him. He picked up the twig and pushed it right under her pretty little pink nose. He'd spent a restless night thinking about her and now she ignored him.
He flew back up into the tree and studied his recalcitrant chosen bride.

Could she be hiding behind the box and not seen his gift? He flew down and peered round each side of the box. If she was hiding, he sure didn't know where she'd gone. Disheartened he returned to where he'd left the branch, and began serenading her in a series of soft trills and whistles.

To be continued...


Linda Banche said...

Oh, poor robin, poor robin. Where are the female robins? One has to come along, I hope, I hope.

Sherry Gloag said...

:-) Linda, thanks for following the robin's story. I hope to post the next part early next week.