27 April 2012

A-Z Challenge - 'Y'


Y - is for


Your 'yesterdays' creates your today and your today will create your tomorrow.

Gobbledigook or truth? Unpalatable as it may be it is the truth.

Past experiences thoughts and actions lay the foundations for the future, so yes, yesterday become today's reality, and today's reality becomes our tomorrow.  If we, as humans had no options the thought would be terrifying; but we do.  Humans haave options and choices.  They can choose to do nothing.  That, in spite of what some people may think is still a choice, whether it be premeditated or subliminal, doing nothing is still a choice.

How we were treated in the past can have enormouse repercussions on the present, but humans still have the choice of whether to perpetrate those conditions into the future or not. 

And how do actions taken today influence the future? Well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that.  You only have to watch the obscene preprations that go one when wars are declared and fought out.  That, admittedly is a more gruesome example of the consequnces of today's actions on tomorrow, but it gets the message across.

Writers may not use wars in their stories but romance writers will use past actions that impact on their characters' present actions as the building blocks of their stories.  And it is how those characters deal with their past that creates the conflicts, goals and motivations of those characters as they work their way toward the happy-ever-after most readers are looking for when they choose a book.

Yesterday is the driving force behind most fictional plots in almost any book written.

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Jess and Judy said...

Hey Sherry, Jess from Tipping the Axis here. So True!! Seriously loved this post, and it really was well compared with the war point. Love what you're doing here. Jess :)

Sherry Gloag said...

Thanks Jess and Judy, I appreciate your kind words.

Betty Alark said...

I think there are some gray's in between yesterday and tomorrow; however, for the most part I do concur!

Great post!


Sherry Gloag said...

:-) Betty, I agree, nothing (except fashion) is balck and white. But since I was struggling to make any sense at all that day it was the best I could do! rofl!
Thanks for your input.