7 August 2013

Lindsay Downs interviews Lord and Lady Gerrard

Lindsay- Today I’m visiting with Lord and Lady Gerrard at the baronial estate in Sussex. Thank you for letting me stop by so I can ask you some questions my readers have sent me.
Lady Debbi- We’re honored to have you.
Lindsay- *glances to Lady Gerrard* When you met each other at the Whitchurch house party what was your first reaction to Lord Gerrard?
Lady Gerrard- *peers over tea cup rim with loving eyes to her husband* The first time I saw him was only the briefest of glimpses as he was looking out his suite window to me. Even from a distance I was starting to fall in love with him and it only got stronger when we met later face to face.
Lord Gerrard- *Blows wife a kiss* Yes, and knowing she and Lady Aleece, now the Marchioness of Langdonly, would be down for tea I hurried to get to the back lawn. I wanted to be the first gentleman to greet her, after Lord Langdonly that is. When our hands met I knew my days as a rakehell were over as she immediately captured my heart.
Lady Gerrard- *blushes* and later a few other parts of your body but not until our wedding night. *looks to Lindsay* We did share several passionate kisses in the book though.
Lindsay- Yes, yes. Anyways, What was your reaction on seeing the Thompson boy at the party?
Lady Gerrard- Quite disheartening I can assure you. It wasn’t until much later I found out why we bore a resemblance.
Lindsay- Which brings up another interesting point? Mr. Toby Bowes, your half-brother.
Lord Gerrard- My darling, might I answer this one? *He smiles loving to receive her nod of approval*. It was a surprise to all of us. In the long run everything turned out quite well for all concerned.
Lady Gerrard- Yes, and now I not only have a loving husband but also a brother who is about to have the title of Earl of Bowes restored to him.
Lindsay- While we’re on the subject of family, without giving anything away, can you tell us how you learned about your mother?
Lady Gerrard- As with learning I had a brother meeting my mother, Lady Jenelle, came as a surprise. I had seen her around town on several occasions when Lady Aleece and I had shopping to do. If the opportunity arose we might exchange a nod but never spoke.
Lindsay- Can you tell me where she’s staying now that her safety is assured?
Lord Gerrard- Up until a week ago we had the privilege of having her stay with us much to my father’s pleasure. Something tells me there might be a romance blossoming there as he’s a widower, but I digress. Lady Jenelle is now at the Bowes estate helping to get things organized for the pending Earl’s entitlement restoration and supplementing the staff.
Lindsay- Speaking of the future earl, are there wedding bells in his future?
Lady Gerrard- Most definitely but that’s all we’re at liberty to say at the moment.
Lindsay- I can understand and see our time is up. I’d like to thank you for letting me visit and take time from your busy day.
Lady Gerrard- I know your readers will enjoy Spy Catcher.
Lindsay- I agree. Now I must be off. Thank you for taking the time to let me visit.
While acting as chaperone to Lady Aleece at a house party, little does lady’s maid Debbi realize how her life will change.
Not prepared to fall in love nor see a man who bears an uncanny resemblance to her, Debbi’s world begins to turn upside down.
After several attempts on her life, and a run-in with yet another look-alike, she uncovers her true heritage, as the unknown daughter of a countess. Having been raised and trained as a lady's maid, but educated alongside her employer, Debbi begins to wonder in which world she truly belongs.
Only when her new love's life is threatened does Debbie claim her rightful place and do what’s necessary to save him.

As the carriage gently rocked to a stop, Debbi was surprised when, not a footman as dictated but Mr. Thomas swung open the door. Patiently, she waited while he assisted his love out. She started to slide over to climb out unaided when he offer her his hand.
“Allow my assistance, Miss Overstreet.”
She felt her face warm when he called her by her new name. Quickly, she marshaled her thoughts, “Thank you sir,” she said settling her hand in his big, strong one.
“Please, Miss Overstreet, I insist you call me Thomas, as I have so requested from Lady Aleece.”
“If that be the case, then call me Debbi.” She paused, glancing around for the Earl and Countess but only saw Susan and Jeffrey approaching.
As they got close Debbi gave the appropriate curtsy according to their rank. Rising, she clasped her hands in front of her while Aleece warmly greeted them.
She tried not to act surprised when Susan stepped over and embraced her as she’d done with Aleece.
“Miss Overstreet, what a pleasure to finally meet you. Aleece has told me all about you, and I know we’ll get along famously.” She paused and turned to her brother. “Now let me introduce you to Jeff, but don’t worry— he may look dangerous but he’s harmless. His fiancée sees to that.”
After she was introduced to him, Debbi stepped back to survey her surroundings. Many times she’d come to house parties but always stayed in whatever coach was assigned and would enter the mansion by the servants entrance, making sure the trunks got to the appropriate rooms. This would be the first time she’d cross the threshold through the main doorway.
Without warning a shiver coursed down her spine, which unfortunately brought Aleece’s attention.
“Are you all right? It’s just like walking through any door. Take a deep breath,” she whispered.
“I don’t think it’s that, Lady Aleece. I fear I feel eyes on me, and I don’t know if it’s good or what,” she replied in a hushed tone.
Stepping back from the small group Debbi peered around, letting her gaze carry up to a window overlooking the forecourt. There she spied the reason for the unnerved feeling, the most dashingly handsome man she’d ever seen in her life. Even more, the sight of his appearance before he hid was exactly as she’d envisioned.
Taller than her, with pitch-black hair and broad shoulders, the brief sight of him set Debbie’s heart to fluttering. It was his lips deadly to a woman’s heart in the way he smiled down at her which unnerved her. Before he ducked behind a curtain she noticed he was dressed in a Bath superfine coat with a crisp white shirt and his cravat tied in the latest style.
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Lindsay said...

Thank you for having us visit so the readers can learn a little more about my characters in Spy Catcher

SherryGLoag said...

:-) Always a pleasure to have you here, Lindsay, best wishes with your new book :-)