13 May 2012

SIx Sentence Sunday

It's good to be back for SSS and this week I am sharing 6 sentences from my recently accepted Regency romance No Job For a Woman.

Julian Fanshaw ignored the other letters in front of him when he recognized one from his long-time friend Freddie Dalrymple, now Lord Worth. He broke the seal and scanned the single sheet with growing concern.

‘Julian, my friend, I am writing to implore you to put aside whatever plans you have in hand and to set out immediately to stay with us for an indeterminate period of time.’

Thoroughly alarmed, Julian flipped the page in his hand to discover it had been dispatched more than a week ago.

‘If I bring to mind a certain student up at Oxford with us, and reveal he, and his wife, are and have been my sister’s neighbors for several years, it will give you but an inkling of the root of my concern.

‘It has come to my attention, due to the arrival of his brother upon the scene, and recent events concerning my sister, Deborah, I am persuaded you need not only to know what is happening here, but be on hand to assist in circumventing any consequences of actions taken against her.

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Elin Gregory said...

That letter poses more questions than it answers. good work. now you've got us wanting more.

Sherry Gloag said...

Elin, I'm delighted it drew you in. Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment.