18 November 2010

Dream Bigger ~ A Review

Title: Dream Bigger
Author: Julie Wise
Publisher:iUniverse, Inc
Genre: Self Improvement
ISBN-10: 1450253180
ISBN-13: 978-1450253185
Length: 133 pages

You can with Dream BIGGER, Julie Wise's heartfelt and inspiring guide to realizing your deepest desires. Using her experience as a life and relationship coach, Wise provides personal anecdotes and numerous client examples to create a living, breathing roadmap for those seeking insight and wisdom on their daily path.
The workbook format deftly illustrates Wise's motivational message, giving you the chance to work through past disappointments, doubts and fears using simple yet effective techniques. She shows you how to stay focused and achieve your dreams by creating a workable action plan. Divided into easy-to read chapters, Wise offers inspiring stories from those successfully living their dreams and covers topics such as revealing the dream, befriending the gremlins, reawakening your potential, seeing the signs, and much, much more!
Your dream is within reach. Let Dream BIGGER show you how to make it a reality!

It is all too easy to assume that author’s of self-help books may have the theory, but lack the personal experience. In this book Ms Wise shares some of her own dark moments and tells us how she managed to overcome them. Not once but on several occasions.
That alone reveals that sometimes life throws a nasty curve ball even to those who may appear to others ‘to have it all together’.
Each chapter deals comprehensively with its own subject. Most, but not all, have exercises the reader can use to help them rise out of their own dark chasms.
Dream Bigger shares real-life experiences of others who, combined with a quirk of fate changed, not only their own lives, but those of hundreds of others, sometimes continents away. They are examples, if you like, of the saying ‘If there’s a will, there’s a way.’
It is all too easy to let go of the dream, but with Ms Wise’s book, Dream Bigger, you feel as though you have a friend by your side each step of the way.
This book is easy to read, easy to follow, and easily inspires the reader to Dream Bigger.

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Zee said...

I love your review. Quite inspiring and perfect for the upcoming holiday season!