28 November 2010

A Haiku Poem
Sandringham Craft Fair

Crowds pushing, shoving.
Join with me today and see
crafts displayed proudly.

Handcrafted clinker
boats, rocked by adults to make
the small children laugh.

Trinkets glistening
enticing the purchaser
to open purses.

Lacemakers display
their bobbins and spandles with
deft dexterity.

Painted glasses shine.
Under hot lights they twinkle.
The shelves empty fast.

Young child has to walk.
Concrete Buddha in pushchair
child asks for a lift.

Lathe spinning, woodturns,
Dalgarno's talents displayed.
Crafted wooden gems.

Egg, chips and bacon
onions too, waft on the air
tea or beer swilled down.

Crystal necklaces
rings, chokers, many colours
show to advantage.

Painted faces, cats
dogs and other animals
all walk through the tents.

"All products homemade-
you should look at my kitchen."
Angel Blends came next.

With pictures painted
on canvas and leather bags
colourful choices.

For three days now, it's
the last one, vendors weary,
ready to go home.

Dogs on leads, pulling.
Children tired now, crying,
adults, bags bulging.

Been all the way round
finished now. Ready for home
and to share with you.
(Copyright Sherry Gloag 2004)

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