25 November 2011

Day 1- Please welcome Joselyn Vaughn

It is my pleasure to welcome fellow Astraea press author Joselyn Vaughn, who will be with us for the next three days.

Author Bio:
I live in the Great Lakes State with my adoring husband, three energetic and ambitious toddlers, and two of the laziest beagles.
I believe there is nothing better than a warm hug, a good romance novel and chocolate.
When not changing diapers or removing a toddler from a precarious situation, I enjoy sewing, running, shopping at thrift stores and reading books longer than thirty pages.

When lost love shows up on your doorstep, what do you do?  Minnie Schultz slams the door in his face. She and Gordon Anderson have a history—close to ancient history, given the fifty years since their last encounter. After all that time, it might seem like water under the bridge. But the water pours from the plumbing in Minnie’s bed and breakfast, the Lilac Bower, uncovering all the secrets and heartache between them. With the help of some paranormal investigators, an Elvis impersonator and a couple of nosey friends, can Minnie and Gordon find the future they were meant to have?

Edith smoothed down her more--‐‑salt--‐‑than--‐‑pepper coiffure and reached for the specials card clipped to the jellies. “I didn’t think he’d ever set foot in Carterville again.”
“Who?” Minnie asked, already knowing the name that would spill from Edith’s lips.
Edith slapped the menu down on the table. Her eyes slid both ways, then she leaned across the table. “Gordon Anderson.” She raised her eyebrows conspiratorially.
“I had hoped he wouldn’t.” Her stomach roiled. He’d been here sixteen hours and already she was jumping out of her skin at every sound, expecting him to appear whenever she turned her back. She attributed it to loathing, but it felt like a high school crush.
Rachel arrived at their table and flipped their sturdy brown coffee mugs over. “Just decaf today, ladies, or half--‐‑and--‐‑half?” She held the orange--‐‑rimmed carafe poised over Minnie’s cup.“It’s a half--‐‑and--‐‑half day,” Edith said. “Any day Gordon Anderson comes to town requires a dose of caffeine.”
Minnie snorted. “It requires Jack Daniel’s, but it’s a little too early in the day.”

http://joselynvaughn.com    Sweet, small town romances  Indulge your softer side

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Please come back and read Joselyn's interview with Minnie


Joselyn Vaughn said...

Sherry, thanks so much for having me!

Leah said...

Great excerpt! So funny!

Sherry Gloag said...

It's my pleasue Joselyn, :-) I hope everyone comes back tomorrow for Minnie's interview, it's hhilarious.

Patricia Kiyono said...

This is going to be another winner! Congratulations, Joslyn!