11 November 2011

Please join Sara Trimble as she interviews her hero and heroine.

Sara Trimble is new to the world of publishing, though not to writing. She has one published novel, has one in the final revisions and a stack of stories ready to work on. When she isn’t writing, Sara spends her time with her three children, wonderful fiance Justyn, spending time with friends, and just enjoying life.

You can find her at her website http://www.sararimble.com , follow her blog at http://saratrimble.wordpress.com ,
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Today Sara interviews her main characters, Nala and Gabriel ;--
Nala how does it feel to be stalked by the man who killed your entire family?
Nala: well the danger's not so great but so far, I have to say it was worth the trip.

Gabriel, why do you get so angry about your attraction to Nala?
G: its my job to protect her. I can't do that when my hormones act like I'm a teenager.

Nala, what's your plan for defeating Broncestan?
N: I'm supposed to have a plan? I still haven't figured out how to move things with my mind.

Gabriel, what do you think of the news that you and Nala are destined to be together?
G: I'd say Fate's got it wrong for once.

Nala, how do you like living in a magical castle, with a fairy as your best friend?
N: I think it's awesome!

Gabriel, we heard you became a magical bodyguard because your teenage love was killed due to revealing her secret powers. Any comment?
G: Screw you.

Nala, what makes Gabriel so irresistable?
N: have you seen the size of his biceps? I mean, really. And he has a great butt.

NALA ARPAIA's life is turned upside down when she learns she has a family, and more than one secret power. Even worse is that she also has a mad man seeking to kill her. Gabriel arrives and promises to protect her. With him around, she may be safe from BRONCESTAN MILIVAK, but her heart is in danger of breaking.

GABRIEL RICARDO makes it clear from day one that he's not interested in a relationship. Despite the fact that sparks fly whenever he and Nala touch, he wants to focus on the one thing that matters to him. His job. It's too bad that Nala's determined not to let that happen. And when multiple signs point to their being together as Fate deems right, Gabriel wonders if he's fighting a losing battle.

As Broncestan's attacks get stronger, and more dangerous, Nala finds it more important than ever to experience the kind of relationship she'd always wanted, but never had. Seeing Nala suffer at the hands of a power-hungry Damned soul, Gabriel realizes keeping his distance isn't working. Soon, they give in to the passion and proclaim their love. Just when things are supposed to work out, things hit rock bottom again.

Will they ever be able to defeat Broncestan and enjoy a relationship together or are they doomed to live their lives alone and miserable?

You can read an excerpt of Sara's book at http://saratrimble.wordpress.com/2011/10/15/excerpt-of-heart-over-mind/

Parental Rating:
This book contains content that may not be suitable for young readers 17 and under.

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Bonni S. said...

Boy he has an attitude problem. I like him though and Nala seems like she's pretty much carefree. But what I want to know is will they end up happy in a relationship or not? Great interview.

Erika Badass said...

great interview! Interesting premise as well. Gabriel is a hard ass :) Good thing I love hard asses :P Mwah

Unknown said...

Bonni, Gabriel is furious that he's attracted to his boss's neice and he can't seem to fight it. It just might get her killed so yeah, he's a bit angry. I can't reveal if they make the relationship work or not. That'd give away the ending. But a hint...it's a romance!

Erika, Gabriel is definitely a badass. He's head protector for a secret organization that deals with all things paranormal. He has to be hard. The death of his only love has made him jaded and he doesn't like the hand he's currently stuck with. I love bad asses too. They say underneath a core of steel is a heart of mush.

Katie Harper said...

Gabriel is my kinda man. A man who can kick ass and a man who can lick...OK not going there. GREAT INTERVIEW!!