20 November 2011

Ginger Simpson shares her traditional Thanksgiving meal

My Cooking Journey

It’s been a short trip, my journey in the kitchen. Quite frankly, I suck at cooking. Thanksgiving always presents a problem, ever since I prepared my first…and last turkey and failed to remove the bag of giblets and neck so neatly hidden inside. Shouldn’t the packaging holding the bird come with a big notice or roadmap of where to find these things?

I’m sixty-six (yikes…it hurts to type that number), so I’ve managed to get through a few holiday meals, but I’ve relied on Butterball’s self-basting turkeys or hams that come already cooked and spiral-sliced with an easy-prepare packet of glaze I can understand. To say my family grew up on take-out is not a lie, and it pains me that I’ve never owned an apron. Well, pained might be an overstatement. Maybe embarrassed is a better word.

It’s really sad when you submit a recipe for “how to boil water,” but I’ve done that recently and it’s really a foolproof method. With Thanksgiving a short time away, you’d think I’d be in a tizzy, but I’ve discovered the secret every woman needs to know—complete precooked, heat and serve meals of your choice direct from Kroeger. If you don’t have a Kroeger near you, rest assured other chains offer this same service. For a mere $39.99, on Wednesday the 23rd, I’ll be picking up a turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry relish, green bean supreme, rolls and a pumpkin pie. The directions are simply, heat and serve, time required approximately 2 ½ to 3 hours. Oh, and I’ve already bought the Cool Whip for the pie. I’m prepared.

Thankfully, I write much better than I cook. Sarah’s Journey is much more interesting than mine. Here’s the blurb and cover so you can meet Sarah Collins and share a little of her story:

When Sarah Collins set her sights on California for a new beginning, she never figured a war party would attack her wagon train. After her friend Molly succumbs to her injuries, Sarah is the sole survivor, left alone to find her way back to civilization. Stampeding buffalo, the black prairie nights and eerie noises,just when she believes she's faced the worst, a rattlesnake bite threatens to accomplish what the Indians failed. Is it her time to die, or does Sarah have a purpose yet to accomplish?

You can see all my available books and stores at http://www.gingersimpson.com

Thanks, Sherry, for inviting me over today. Next time, I’ll swing through McDonalds and bring lunch. lol

LOL, Ginger, thank you for sharing one of your memorable Thanksgiving experiences.  Happy Thanksgiving.


Ann Carter said...

Ginger, you are priceless!! Thanks for sharing and being so honest about your cooking inabilities (is that a word?). I enjoy your books so darn much. When are you writing the one about Alaska. I will give you the recipe for Eskimo Ice Cream! LOL! Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless women like you.

Ciara Gold said...

Ginger, I feel your pain when it comes to fixing for a crowd. We're expecting between 50 and 60 folks for Orphan's Thanksgiving this year and I spent this weekend cleaning. Ugh.

As for Sarah's Journey, that's an incredible book.