12 April 2019

Author Spotlight... Pernille Hughes

Thank you for visiting The Heart of Romance today Pernille, and congratulations on the success of your debut RomCom novel Sweatpants at Tiffanie’s.
And best wishes for your new novel 
Probably the Best Kiss in the World 
which releases today.

Pernille Hughes (pronounced Pernilla) studied Film & Literature at uni and took her first job in advertising, having been lured by the temptation of freebies, but left when Status Quo tickets was as good as it got. 

After a brief spell marketing Natural History films, she switched to working in Children's television which for a time meant living in actual Teletubby and, sharing a photocopier with Laa-Laa.

Now, she lives in actual Buckinghamshire, sharing a photocopier with her husband and their four spawn. While the kids are at school she scoffs cake and writes RomCom stories in order to maintain a shred of sanity.

Previously, Pernille's writing has been printed in The Sunday Times as Confessions of a Tourist and in the fabulous SUNLOUNGER summer anthologies. 

 Here is a little bit about her current Book ~ Sweatpants at Tiffanie’s ~ which is Pernille's debut RomCom novel  (Harper Impulse)

Tiffanie Trent is not having a great week. Gavin, her boyfriend, has dumped her unceremoniously on their tenth anniversary, leaving her heartbroken and homeless.
Frank Black, the owner of Blackie’s boxing gym and where Tiff has been book-keeper for the last decade, has dropped dead. He's not having a great week either.
And if that wasn’t enough, Mike ‘The Assassin’ Fellner, boxer of international fame and Tiff’s first love, is back in town and more gorgeous than ever. Tiff can’t seem to go anywhere without bumping into his biceps.
When she discovers Blackie has left her the gym, Tiff, with her saggy trackies and supermarket trainers, is certain she’ll fail. Can Tiff step up and roll with the punches, or will she be down and out at the first round?

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Pernille also kindly answered a few questions for us.

1 Where did the ideas for both your books come from?
Sweatpants At Tiffanie’s came from simply making a pun on the film title and stopping to wonder what that story would be about. A ‘fish out of water’ idea seemed to fit, especially as I am a reluctant exerciser myself. The new one, Probably the Best Kiss in the World, was inspired by several trips to Copenhagen, but particularly one with my husband where we navigated the city entirely by micro-breweries. It got me thinking about a woman who wants to be a Brewster.

2- What is your favourite book to read, and have you read it more than once?
I have a book by historical crime writer Lindsey Davis. It’s a stand-alone romance she wrote a long time ago called The Course of Honour and I just adore it, for no other reason than the characters existed and it depicts a love that spans decades and long absences.  My husband used to be away for a longer stint every year for work, and I always read it then. I know, I know, I am such a sap.

3- Chocolate or ice cream?
Chocolate, without doubt, especially truffles, the round ones with the hard chocolate shell and the soft middle,(not the cocao dusted ones) maybe a strawberry filling, or mocha, or the fresh cream chocolates from Leonidas, or a Jewel box from Prestat…mmmm… sorry, where were we…?
Ice cream is good too though…

4- If you were to write in another genre, what would it be?
Maybe funny crime? I love Janet Evanovitch’s writing.

5- Cut flowers or house plants?
Cut flowers are gorgeous but there is something sad about them dying. I’m going with a hydrangea in a pretty pot.

6- What do you do to relax?
A hot bath, a glass of prosecco or an Aperol Spritz, a book or a romcom film. I find being by the sea very relaxing too.

7- And finally, have you started working on your next novel and if so, please will you give us a hint about where your story it set?

Actually, I’m about to start from scratch as I’ve just shelved the story I was working on. Sometimes a story isn’t ready to be told, I suppose. So I’ll be ‘watching this space’ as much as anyone else!

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Probably the Best Kiss in the World  
(Harper Impulse) ebook is published today, April 12th 2019, 
and the paperback will be available on 27th June 2019 )

Can control freak and app-fiend Jen Attison stop listening to her head and start following her heart?

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Thanks for visiting The Heart of Romance, Pernille. It's been a pleasure having you here.:-)

Pernille Hughes said...

Thanks SO much for having me Sherry. I was a pleasure! xx