18 April 2019

J M Ralley ~ Falling for Katie ~ New Release

Welcome to  The Heart of Romance Janet, and congratulations on your new release,  Please will you share a little bit about Falling For Katie?

Falling for Katie ~ blurb

A romantic suspense set in modern-day Scotland.

After a car accident, Katie Gowen wakes up in a house with a man she doesn’t recognize. Unable to remember anything about her past, Angus persuades her they are married. Held against her will, Katie struggles to come to terms with her predicament, but as they are snowed in, she can see no way out.

Returning to Gretna wasn’t on Finlay Gallach’s itinerary. Memories of an unhappy childhood still haunt him. However, the moment he opens the email from Katie’s father, he knows he’s in trouble. As a photo of Katie stares back at him, his heart breaks for the missing woman, and he vows to do anything to bring her home. 

It becomes a race against time for Finlay to save her. But can Katie recover from her ordeal and allow the love to blossom between them?

Other info

Why this story?

After the success of Falling for a Duke, I knew I needed to write Katie’s story. Therefore, the Romancing in Scotland series became born.
With her best friend now happily settled, I felt Katie needed her own set of problems. And they arrived in perfect style.
My love of Scotland really comes out in this book. I added several details I’ve come across, and for those who have visited Gretna Green and Braemar, some of those details may pop out at you.
This story would only work if Katie could become snowed in, which is why I chose Braemar, having nearly been snowed in myself there. There really is only one road in and out, and the small village can be snowed in easily, as the main road blocks with heavy snow. Everything came together beautifully. 

What inspired you to write it?

My love of Scotland runs deep within my blood. I have no idea why, I’m all English, but I always feel at home once I cross that border. I try to visit at least once a year and the first stop is usually Gretna Green.
I’ve seen plenty of change. One of these was the lose of the Highland Cow. So, that was one of the first things I added. Being wildlife mad too, I make sure to add a dedication to the native wildlife in these books. If you want to know which ones, you’ll have to read the books. And, yes, I’ve seen the animals mentioned in the wild.
However, I wanted to add some twists in the story. I’m not one for those romances with no grit to them, I’m afraid my characters do have to suffer to gain their happiness. And I think I’ve managed to get the right amount of twists in.

How do I feel now it’s finished and close to release?

I enjoyed writing Falling for Katie, and when I wrote ‘The End’ I knew instantly I’d done a respectable job. Now it’s due for release, I’m getting nervous. It’s like letting your baby into the big, wide world. Will they swim or sink? I can’t do no more, no mater how much I want to continue tinkering.
Now, I’ve got them marketing to roll out which I find harder to do. I’m not a natural seller. On the plus side, it means I’m free to begin another story. That helps to keep my mind of this one.
All I can do now, is cross my fingers.

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Author Bio

When not writing, J M Ralley works full-time as a veterinary nurse. The long hours mean writing happens early morning and late evenings, most of the time.
She enjoys hiking, photography, wildlife watching, and is an avid reader. And can often be found playing with her pet rabbits.
She is the author of the Romancing in Scotland series, romantic suspense, and Persecuting series – a dark psychological romance thrillers.
Based in England, she prefers to dwell in Scotland, whenever she can.

Social sites

Website – www.jmralley.com

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