9 February 2011

What happens behind the scenes of Cupid Gone Wild?

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What happens behind the scenes of Cupid Gone Wild? Wouldn't you like to know!  Oops, wait, that is why I am here - to tell you.

It is not Hollywood and there are not twenty or thirty people standing back behind the lights and cameras making magic. It sounds nice to have a crew behind you, oh and lots of tasty food on set, but publishing does not work that way. Behind the scenes there are a few people like myself and the publisher Martha from eTreasures. Then of course our editor and the stars - the authors.

My job you ask? I was brought on to consult on the project. To tie the theme of the stories not only together, but also to tie in the marketing plan. The Cupid Gone Wild series was my brain child so seeing it available for sale is exciting. Every story is introduced by a Cupid Report. The Cupid from each story is competing for a promotion by matching the most unlikely couple around. What this allowed us to do is use the Cupid characters to promote.

The Challenge was intended to be decided by Senior Cupid X, but the information on Cupids was leaked to the mortals. Now word is out and they are making public appearances, talking out about what it is like in the world of Cupiding. Think reality show and just replace the housewives.

The response to the blog tour has been great and we will be going all month.
Drop by the eTreasures blog to vote on the Cupids and be entered to win a Kindle from eTreasures Publishing. - http://etreasurespublishing.blogspot.com/
Twitter Conversations can be found at hash tag #cgw11

I will be here to answer any questions so please leave them in your comments. You can ask about the eTreasures Blog Tour or Blog Tours in general.

I want to thank Sherry for having me on today and everyone for reading my rambling thoughts.
- Terry


Terry Kate said...

Thanks again for having me on Sherry!
Hope the day is dawning on some fine weather for you as we head into the night here in LA, CA,
Terry -

Susan Borowy said...

Marvelous blog post Sherry!! :)
I'm glad to be with you in the anthology!