27 February 2011

Review ~ Be Mine Valentine

By Authors:
Krista Ames; Suzanne Barrett; Elizabeth Chalkley; Marissa Dobson; Janet Eaves; Margaret Ethridge; Jennifer Johnson; Amy Le Blanc; Tracy March; Nancy Naigle; Cat Shaffer; Bobbye Terry

Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Release Date: January 2011
ISBN: 1935817477
Book Genre: Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance
This Review was first posted at The Romance Reviews on February 11th

REVIEW:There are many kinds of love and, for many people, Valentine's Day focuses the mind on the heart-stopping forever kind of love. But in this collection of stories, you will come across love in all its facets. I hope you enjoy these timeless stories as much as I have.

Valentina: The Untold Legend by Jennifer Johnson
We quickly learn the setting is not modern day, and in this story the word sketches offered by Ms Johnson are both deft and have depth. The world Valentina and her husband live in is crystal clear, their purpose in life despite the personal risk to them garners the respect of the other characters in the book and the reader. The backstory weaves through the present conflict and keeps the reader in suspense to the last line. It is a beautiful story that brought tears to my eyes.

The Red Dress by Amy Le Blanc
A vetinary's life is never dull, and on the eve of Valentine's Day, Sarah comes face to face with the local fire chief and his nephew, Charlie, after the boy's dog becomes the victim of a hit and run accident.
This charming story is about hope and believing in the future, and Ms Le Blanc does an inspiring job with it. Her characters are delightful, and if you read Turquoise Morning Press's Christmas Anthology, BELIEVE, you will recognise some of them. This particular Valentine's day story leaves the reader full of the ‘feel-good-factor'.

The Gift by Cat Shaffer
This is a tearjerker in the best possible way. At a time when too many marriages dissolve before the ink is dry on the certificate, Cat Shaffer introduces us to eighty-two year old Al Mason who, despite all the setbacks he's currently facing, sets out to make sure he and his beautiful wife Ellie spend Valentine's Day together. She may not always remember him, but Al has no intention of missing his time with Ellie this year, and overcomes the obstacles placed in his way to ensure he and Ellie are together on this special day. This is a beautiful story of true love.

The Letter Suzanne Barrett
There are dreams, then there are dreams. The ones you know will never come true and the ones you are too afraid to wish they would.
Mary Maureen Brennan is a carer, and like most people who care about others, there's a streak of insecurity beneath her dreams. So when she receives a letter from her long-time Irish pen friend, her dreams clash with reality. To find out what happens, you'll just have to read this touching story.

Love Takes The Cake Krista Ames
Love may take the cake in this story, but will pride come before a fall? Josh and Annie have some major issues to deal with and this story takes you through their journey from break-up to make-up. It is the way Ms Ames deals with the issues and conflict between them that adds depth and passion to her tale.

The Legend of the True Love Angel Bobbye Terry
This charming story gently takes the reader through a wonderful Irish legend and painstakingly tells us why it wouldn't work between Gabby and Dane. In six pages, Ms Terry turns everything on its head. It is how she does this that creates the feel-good factor for the reader.

Forever In My Heart Nancy Naigle
This story is all about love surviving the final cut and the importance of anniversaries. In a few pages, Ms Naigle jerks the tear ducts when she lets her readers into a day in Derek's life. For those that are jaded by love gone wrong, this beautiful story will persuade them that love can last.

Be Mine Margaret Ethridge
We all dream about being perfect when we meet that someone special, but for Ellie and Jack it is one disaster after another. Ms Ethridge's quirky story brings the reader down to earth and faces them with the reality that love isn't perfect, nor does it seek perfection. But can Jack and Ellie learn that lesson in time?

Secret Valentine Marissa Dobson
Sometimes we don't see what's right under our nose, and sometime we have to turn full circle to find out. It takes a failed marriage for Ashlyn to return home to her roots and find a new love. It is the route Ms Dobson takes her characters down to find each other that makes this a fascinating story, and one that makes you sigh with satisfaction when you come to the end of her story.

Bittersweet by Tracy March
With one word Ms March encapsulates this story. Old life, new life and current life all entwine in this powerful story that carries across the generations. For Granny Lil Brady is the bridge that spans the past and the future, and on Valentine's Day he proves to her he already knew all about the power of love.

A Mother's Heart Janet Eaves
A past loss turns into a wonderful discovery. But Jimmi, Ms Eaves' heroine, worries that by uncovering past secrets she may alienate herself from the two people that matter most to her. This heart-warming story holds few surprises but is full of ‘the-feel-good-factor' and warms the heart.

His Other Valentine by Elizabeth Chalkley
Mystery, suspense, tension, this story has it all, plus a wonderful twist that has you laughing with Dana and her mother. There is wisdom and love and caring and sharing, and it takes Dana's husband to show her what is important in life, and for Dana's mother to unwittingly verify Dana's lessons.

Turquoise Morning Press offers a wonderful mix of stories all wrapped around Valentine's Day. I have revisited some familiar authors and met others for the first time. They all offer stories of depth and passion to one degree or another. All will move you, and when you come to the end of the collection you will probably want to start reading them all over again.

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