13 January 2011

Blogs and Doggy Tales

Miss Mae’s Blog

I’d like to encourage readers to visit my blog. Not only do I share some ‘different’ posts (like Can You Guess What This Photo Is, or A Kitchen Disaster, etc), but I also have some amazing guest interviews.  

To name a couple: Harlequin romance author Suzanne McMinn. Suzanne wrote of her exhausting, yet wonderful, almost always amusing life spent with the daily misadventures of farm animals. Louise Pledge, newly returned from years spent abroad in the Muslim nation of Saudi Arabia. She and husband, Tom (retired UPI reporter), visited fascinating places such as the Taj Mahal and took some rather tricky rides atop camels.
What does 'UPI' stand for?  Remember I'm not an American, so don't shoot me :-)

I’ve also featured “sweet” romance authors like Danielle Thorne (“Turtle Soup”) and Larry Hammersley (“Taking Advantage”); thriller author Brian Porter (“A Study in Red: The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper”); Mike Angley (“Child Finder” trilogy), and Paul Levinson (“The Plot to Save Socrates”), a highly renown author who has appeared on such television shows as CBS Evening News, The O’Reilly Factor, Nightline, and others.

But it’s my Monday segment called Doggy Tales that I’d like to feature today.  

Anyone and everyone who is an animal lover will appreciate this weekly highlight. Many stories are contributed by guests, sharing memories about whatever kind of pet holds a special place in their heart. Delightful articles have come in. We’ve read about Frosty, Bouncer, Tater Spud, Augie and Ti, Molly, and a host of others. Each is wonderful and unique.

I’d like to encourage others to send to Doggy Tales. Readers are just as much a part of my blog as my own words. All of you already know quite a lot about Miss Mae. Well, I’d like to get to know you too, by what you send via your pet article. Don’t be shy. It’s all free, and no one will call on you trying to get you to buy a gallon sized bucket of rattlesnake flavored doggie vitamins! Simply contact me at the email addy listed in the profile section of my website. 

Before I sign off today, I’d like to extend an invitation for folks to become members of my site. Did I mention that’s free too? 

Thank you for telling us about your blog today, Miss Mae.

Please come back tomorrow and learn all about
“The Mishaps of Gum Drop Island”


Miss Mae said...

Hi Sherry,

Thanks for having me again. The post looks so delightful. :)

And "UPI" stands for United Press International. Tom Pledge interviewed celebrities and even rode in President Nixon's Air Force One plane. Wow!

Sherry Gloag said...

It's been a pleasure having you here, Miss Mae. Thanks for explaining the meaning of UPI for me :-)
Wow indeed.

Laurean Brooks said...

Miss Mae, I look forward to receiving Doggy Tales every week. Love the pics and tales of the loveable characters.

Sherry, thanks for hosting Miss Mae. She writes wonderful suspense and weaves lovely, intriguing stories like "The Mishaps of Gumdrop Island."

Miss Mae said...

Hi Laurie,

Aw, I'm so glad you enjoy Doggy Tales. It does my heart good to share with other animal lovers. :)

And I'm so glad you liked Gum Drop Island! :)

Appreciate you coming over, lovely lady. :)