1 January 2011

Looking back ~ Looking forward.

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2011 to you all from The Heart of Romance

For me 2010 was a year of new adventures.  New learning curves, and plenty of challenges to my own comfort zone.
At the end of 2009 I received my first book contract, and in October 2010 I held that book in my hands.  In between I embarked on so many new experiences my head still spins when I think back on them.
Building Blogs and websites and all they entail became essential learning curves.  Revisions and edits, the waiting, the arrival of Release day.   And everything in between.
I have been challenged in ways I never imagined, and hopefully have met them with varying degrees of success.
And wonderful as all those were it was the people I've met alone the way that make it all so special.  To many of you to name individually, but you know who you are :-)
So I'd like to say "Thank you" to all of you who've become a part of my life.  I treasure you all.


2011 starts with the publication on Jan 6th of another short story at LASR.  In February as part of the Cupid Goes Wild anthology The Wrong Target will be released by eTreasures.  On February 11th Black Opal Book release Duty Calls, (see top right) so 2011 promises to start with a bang for me.

Starting tomorrow, The Heart of Romance Blogspot is offering a new format.

Each month will feature >>

A blog about books.  This will normally range over seven days, giving you all chance to discover new books and new authors that may take your fancy. 
You all responded so well when Zee blogged about her favourite books last year, she has agreed to come back regularly and share her thoughts with you throughout the year.
I hope you will add your comments about the books featured and offer up some favourites of your own and the reasons why you enjoyed them so much.

A four-day blogspot.
This guest may offer one blog you can revisit over those four days, or a new blog daily or on alternate days.  Keep visiting so you don't miss out on the guest's choices. Reader's writers, book-related industry participants are welcomed in this spot.
If you would like to 'see' a particlur guest featured, please let me know HERE and title it Book/Author Guest Suggestion/Request.

A three-day blogspot.
Reader's writers, book-related industry participants are welcomed in this spot.  Once again the guest author may choose how to fill those three days. 
If you would like to 'see' a particlur guest featured, please let me know HERE and title it Book/Author Guest Suggestion/Request

A weeklong Author Spotlight.  
This gives visiting authoros the opportunity to blog about several different topics that matter to them.  Perhaps thay have several books coming out in close succession.  Or maybe a current topic catches their fancy and they want to share it with you.  This weekly spot is offered up for authors only.

Debut Authors.
There is so much for Debut Authors to learn in the modern world of publishing and self-promotion is one of the hardest.  Getting your name 'out there' is paramount and discovering available blog-spots can be daunting.  So I am offering four days a month to one Debut author. I was very fortunate when my own debut novel released and am happy to pass on a similar opportunity to others.

For three days I will either blog on a subject of your choice, my choice, or take this oppotunity to post general notices. 

Available places.
At the moment all Debut Author apots are available.
Feb ~~ Sun 20th - Tues 23rd
March - more info to follow
April - more info to follow
May - more info to follow
June - more info to follow

If you are interested in snagging a guest spot at THoR during 2011
please contact me HERE

Come back tomorrow and enjoy the first of Zee's Book Blogs this week

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Erotic Horizon said...

Happy New Years to you hon - I hope the holidays was all kinda wonderful for you..

I love the blog plans and am Looking forward to seeing who you have lined up for our entertainment..

I do read EVERYDAY - just a bit off comments for the past few months - but I do read, all your blog post..

Hapy blogging in 2011 hon..