6 January 2011

Review: Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch

This book is amazing! Hudson Savage returns to his hometown after five years of being away, taking the position of interim marshal. When he gets a call that bones were found in a well at Cardwell Ranch, he rushes over immediately, knowing that Dana Cardwell, the love of his life, will be there. 
As it turns out, the bones are human and belonged to the town's "friendliest" woman. Hudson's investigation gets interesting when the identified murder weapon for the well killing is also the murder weapon in the execution of a judge five years ago. On top of this double murder investigation, as Hudson begins to get answers, he just may find out who set him up to destroy his relationship with Dana, causing him to also leave town five years ago. In the end, every lingering question gets answered and both murder cases are solved.  
I am pretty good at solving crimes, but this had me guessing right down to the surprise ending. This novel is a new favorite of mine and a fantastic read. B.J. Daniels definitely knocked this one out of the park!

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Thank you Zee for sharing some of your favourite books with us this month. 

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