18 January 2011

An Interview with Sandra Cox's Zoe Tempest, Cousin of Jolene Sayer

Interview with Zoe Tempest, Cousin of Jolene Sayer

Interviewer faces camera: “With us today is Zoe Tempest, cousin to werewolf hunter Jolene Sayer.” She turns to Zoe and places the microphone in front of her. “Welcome Zoe. And may I say those pink leather boots are just darling.” 
Zoe: “Why thank you. I think they go perfectly with my cream crocheted mini, don’t you.” She turns back and forth to model. 

Interviewer: “Most definitely. I’ve been hearing a lot lately about your cousin Jolene Sayer.” 
Zoe: “I’m not surprised. She’s an amazing woman.”

Interviewer: “She’s a werewolf hunter is she not?”
Zoe: “That’s right.”

Interviewer: “Seems like that would be a tough occupation.”
Zoe: “It’s certainly not for everyone. But Jolene is tough and savvy and a heck of a Were fighter. She can take care of herself.”

Interviewer: “Does she have your fashion sense?” 
Zoe snorts: “Jolene is a beautiful woman but she has absolutely no interest in clothes or fashion. Her idea of dressing up is putting on a new pair of jeans. Although, she does have a passion for boots---as long as they’re serviceable.” 

Interviewer: “Is she and Braden Knight an item?”
Zoe: “Yes.” 

Interviewer: “Is it true he’s a vampire?”
Zoe shrugs. “You’d have to ask him.”

Interviewer: “Aren’t you a vampire hunter?” 
Zoe: “Yes that’s right.”

Interviewer: “So how do you get along with Braden Knight?” 
Zoe: “Let’s just say, we have a healthy respect for each other.”

Interviewer: “So where is your cousin now?”
Zoe: “She’s in a little town called Moon Watchers.” Zoe looks at her pink polka-dotted watch. ”And speaking of which I’ve got to get going. I’m meeting her there.” 

Interviewer: “Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule, Zoe, to talk with us today.”
Zoe: “It’s been my pleasure.”

Interviewer turns to camera: “That concludes our interview with Zoe Tempest, cousin of Jolene Sayer, werewolf hunter. Please stay tune for the news.” As soon as the camera clicks off, she tells her cameraman. “Pack up. We’re heading for Moon Watchers.”


To celebrate the release of Moon Watchers, I’ll be running a contest from Jan 15 to Feb 2. The winner will be announced Feb 5. To enter just leave a comment at www.downtownya.blogspot.com and mention Moon Watchers and Sherry Gloag.

What do you win?

* An autographed copy of Moon Watchers
* A Starbucks gift certificate
* And a fun necklace that has a protective cross to protect against creatures of the night, a blood drop stone to remind shape-shifters you are protected and a star since our winner will be the star of the contest.

Please come back tomorrow to find out how our Interviewer fares in Moon Watchers


Sandra Cox said...

Thanks for hosting me, Sherry.

Sherry Gloag said...

It's always a please, I love the interview with Zoe Tempest. She sounds like a girl who knows her own mind.