1 February 2011

Enjoy a Laugh from Zee's selection of Comedy titles

Here are my selection of Titles: 2011 Romantic Comedies 

If you find that you need a break from reading romantic novels, I suggest watching a romantic comedy. Here are my top 9 2011 romantic comedies!  

No Strings Attached

Just Go With It

Red Riding Hood

Jane Eyre



Water For Elephants

Something Borrowed


Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Which romantic comedy are you looking forward to this year?

Thanks so much for having me Sherry!

Thanks Zee, for giving us such a wonderful selection of books and comedies to choose from during February.  It's always a pleasure to have you here :-) and I'm already looking forward to your visit in March

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Caroline Clemmons said...

I can't believe all of these are romantic comedies. The book WATER FOR ELEPHANTS was definitely NOT a comedy. Of course, you never know what Hollywood will do with a book. Look at THE SCARLET LETTER in which the book's villain became the movie's hero.