19 January 2011

Interview in front of the Coffee Klatch in the town of Moon Watchers

photo provided by Sandra Cox
Interviewer, bundled into a hooded parka standing in front of Moon Watchers shivers as she speaks into mike:   “We’re hoping to get an interview with Jolene Sayre, werewolf hunter.” She looks around. “This seems to be the town hangout hopefully we’ll catch up with her here.” A middle-aged man hurries toward the door. Interviewer sticks her mike in his face. “Sir, do you know Jolene Sayre?”
Man looks at her suspiciously. “Are you a reporter?”

Interviewer: “Well sort of. I interview celebrities and other intriguing people. So do you know Jolene Sayer?” Sticks mike back in his face.
Man: “Name doesn’t sound familiar.”

Interviewer: “I don’t think she’s been in town all that long.”
Man: “Did she inherit the old Daly place?” 

Interviewer: “I really don’t know.” 
Man looks at her disapprovingly. “Seems to me you should have done your homework.” 

Interviewer blushes but perseveres: “So you don’t know her?” 
Man: “She’s probably the young woman who inherited Alma’s place. I hear she’s a bit of a loner.” 

Interviewer leans forward and shoves the mike back in man’s face: “Did you know she’s a werewolf hunter?” 
Man’s eyes narrow. “Is she now?”

Interviewer: “Why would she come to Moon Watchers?”
Man: “Why indeed.” This time he leans forward, his expression menacing. “You probably don’t want to be in Moon Watchers after sundown.” 

Interviewer takes a step back: “Why not?” 

Man curls his lip in a snarl and walks away. ~ 

Interviewer looks nervously at cameraman. “Let’s wait in the van.”



I woke with a start to find myself coated in sweat. Drool ran out of the corner of my mouth as I fought the comforter wrapped around me. I pushed up on my elbow and squinted at the alarm. The bright red digits showed four fifty-five a.m. I untangled the heavy coverlet, put my bare feet on the cold wood floor and staggered to the window and looked out.

Forty feet away, a beautiful white wolf stared back at me. Unease crawled up my spine like a poisonous spider. It would have been a beautiful picture, the petite white wolf standing in the glistening snow against the deep blue backdrop, if it hadn’t been for the animal’s gleaming red eyes.

The Were threw back its head and howled. If I’d ever heard a warning, this was it. I watched frozen in place. In the distance, I heard one or two responses. The white wolf looked me in the eye, drew back its lips and snarled out a challenge. 

“Okay, you unholy creature of the damned, bring it on,” I muttered. I ran back to the bed, grabbed the gun loaded with silver bullets that I always kept in my bedside table and hurried back to the window.

I raised the pane in open invitation. The creature raced straight at me, as I knew it would. Its tongue hung out, red eyes glowed, legs stretched wide as it ran. As the Were drew nearer, I raised the gun and took aim. At the last minute it swerved, finally aware of the danger. It yelped as the bullet hit its foreleg. It turned and limped back into the woods. I fired again but it was gone.

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What do you win?
*An autographed copy of Moon Watchers
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Come back tomorrow for ~ Interviewer at Coffee Klatch continued

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Sherry Gloag said...

What a generous gift you are offering to commentors of your blogs. I hope the winner enjoys such a lovely sounding gift. :-)