20 January 2011

Interviewer at Coffee Klatch continued

Interviewer/Reporter sits in the van with the camera man in front of the Coffee Klatch hoping to catch a glimpse of Jolene Sayer. A strikingly handsome man hurries by. Interviewer clutches camera man’s arm. “Isn’t that Braden Knight?”   Camera man shrugs. 

Interviewer hurries out of the van and races toward Braden. “Braden. Braden Knight.”
He whirls around, his expression tense, impatient. “Yes?”

Interviewer: “I’m here to do a piece on Jolene Sayer. Do you have a moment?”
Braden: “Frankly, no.”

Interviewer shoves mike in his face: “Can you tell me where to find her?”
Braden pushes the microphone away: “I wish I knew. She’s disappeared. 

He saw them before they saw him. Zoe was being forced back step by step. The Were’s stayed out of reach of her swinging sword as it whished through the air again and again.
They made no attempt to bring her down, just continued to herd her toward the edge of the forest. “Weird.” His gut tightened. Where’s Jolene?
He glided forward and stood next to Zoe seconds later, his lips drawn back his fangs exposed. He snarled, a low menacing sound deep in his throat. The wolves slunk away, their tails between their legs.
A howl sounded in the night. The hair on Braden’s arms rose at the eerie sound. He hated Weres. He turned to Zoe and saw her toy with her sword as she eyed him.
He whirled toward her and rasped out, emotion making his voice deeper than usual. “I don’t have time for this, Zoe. If you want a go at me when this mess is cleared up we’ll do it.” A grim promise rang in his voice. “But for now, I need to find Jolene. Where is she?”
“I don’t know.” Her usual calm tones were coated with panic. The whites of her eyes shown in the dark. “They’ve got her.” 
“Who has her?” His non-beating heart felt like a jackhammer pulsing.
“The Weres. They separated us. Herded me back and took her away.” Her voice rose, hysteria very near the surface.
He’d never seen Zoe anything less than a cool professional, but he felt nearly the same himself. “Where did they take her?”
“I don’t know.” Zoe rung her hands. Anguish thickened her voice.
“I’ll find her,” he promised his tone grim.

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Some people think being a Were hunter is weird. For me it’s perfectly normal. What I see as odd is my attraction to the hunkalicious Braden Knight. Why? I think he’s a vampire.
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Sandra, reading your blurbs, excerpts and interviews has enticed me to put Moon Watchers at the top of my tbr pile. Thank you for joining us here for the last few days and introducing us to your characters in this spectacular fashion. Best wishes with Moon Watchers.


Sherry Gloag said...

Sandra, I am intrugued by your book and your characters, I do hope you have a wonderful success with it.
Thank you so much for visiting THoR :-)

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks for having me, Sherry. You're a wonderful hostess.

Sandra Cox said...

Also thanks for putting me on your TBR list. Thanks an honor.