15 January 2011

Please welcome back Sandra Cox

Welcome back to THoR, Sandra, happy New Year and congratulations on the release of your new book, Moon Watchers.
What a wonderful way to start the new year. 

Please will you tell us a little bit about your new book?

Moon Watchers, the second in the Hunter Series, is released today.
The Hunter Series is built around Zoe Tempest, a vampire hunter and her cousin Jolene Sayer, a werewolf hunter.

Jolene finds herself attracted to the mysterious Braden Knight, who is introduced in the first book, Vampire Island. Not only is Jolene fighting her attraction to Braden, but fighting werewolves in the small town of Moon Watchers. Things take an ominous turn with the prediction of a third full moon in one month. It will take every bit of courage Jolene possesses to survive the night of the crimson moon.

To celebrate the release of Moon Watchers, I’ll be running a contest from Jan 15 to Feb 2. The winner will be announced Feb 5. To enter just leave a comment at www.downtownya.blogspot.com and mention Moon Watchers and Sherry Gloag.

What do you win?
* An autographed copy of Moon Watchers 
* A Starbucks gift certificate 
* And a fun necklace that has a protective cross to protect against creatures of the night, a blood drop stone to remind shape-shifters you are protected and a star since our winner will be the star of the contest.

Some people think being a Were hunter is weird. For me it’s perfectly normal. What I see as odd is my attraction to the hunkalicious Braden Knight. Why? I think he’s a vampire.

As the full moon rose above leafless black trees, an eerie howl shattered the night. I rubbed the goose bumps on my arms and felt the hair on my neck rise. Moonlight fell in shadowy patches across the living room floor of the cottage I’d inherited on my eighteenth birthday, last week to be exact.

Dad’s in Europe, tracking down a tip he got on a Weres pack. That’s how I’ve come to be alone deep in the forests of Minnesota where there is considerable werewolf activity.

I’ve hunted Weres since I was thirteen, but this is the first time I’ve been completely on my own. 

A branched tapped against the window. I jumped then shook my head at my nerves. “Geez.” When my heart settled down, I leaned forward and peered out the window. My hand tightened on the long silver knife at my waist. Nothing moved outside. “Get a grip, Jo.” 

I took a deep breath and started toward the kitchen. The tapping came again, this time louder. I whirled. It wasn’t the window, it was the door. Someone or something was on the other side. 

My legs stiff, my knees locked, I took one slow step after another. My hand wrapped around the knife and tightened till my knuckles turned white. Who could be out at--I glanced at my watch-- ten at night in an isolated corner of the north. I crept through the living room into the tiny foyer. 

I took a deep breath and cleared my mind, the way dad taught me. Nerves left me. The cold logic of the warrior set in. Making sure the chain was in place, I cracked the door, ready to slice anything too close to the opening. 

“Hello, Jolene.” 

My hand fell to my side. I gaped in astonishment. I removed the latch and stood in the doorway, one hand on the frame, stunned. 

“Braden! What are you doing here?” I’d met Braden Knight briefly when I visited my distant cousin Zoe Tempest, vampire hunter extraordinaire. Perhaps you’ve heard of her. If not, I guarantee you will. She’s come to hunting the undead rather late in life--seventeen--but she’s taken to it like a pro, swift, vigilant and tough. 

But I’m stalling. I’d felt an attraction for Braden Knight from the first moment I saw his bronzed pecs and thick chestnut hair. 

“Zoe told me your dad was in Europe and left you alone in the middle of Nowhere Minnesota. May I come in?” 

Damn good question. Zoe had confided her fears to me that the handsome man standing in front of me was of the undead variety. But whether of the pranic--that lives on other people’s energy and aren’t truly undead--or the blood--that survives on warm, red heart fluid--she wasn’t sure.

Zoe’s not even sure he’s a vampire. All she knows is that he has extraordinary powers for a nineteen year old human.

Suddenly, the decision was made for me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a huge black wolf rush forward, its lips drawn back in a snarl, its fangs gleaming, its eyes blood red.

Without thought, I jerked Braden inside and slammed the door. And just in time. The wolf lunged throwing its weight against the door as I locked it and drew the chain.
* * *  

Moon Watchers and Vampire Island can be purchased www.classactbooks.com or http://www.classactbooks.com/Vampire-Island-by-Sandra-Cox_p_156.html

Vampire Island is also available on Amazon and other e sites. 
~ ~ ~

Come back the eighteenth for an interview Jolene’s cousin, Zoe Tempest.

A big thanks to the lovely Ms. Sherry Gloag for hosting me.


Sandra Cox said...

Good morning, Sherry. Thanks for hosting me. Have a great weekend.

Sherry Gloag said...

Thanks Sandra, it's a pleasure to have you back again. And yes I had a good weekend. Best wishes with your new book.