29 January 2011

Zee's Monthly Book Spot - 1

My selection for your February reading starts with...

Title: Scandal never looked so good 
Blurb: One dark secret can completely ruin a bright future...
After capturing the heart of the most eligible bachelor in England, Elizabeth Bennet believes her happiness is complete-until the day she unearths a stash of anonymous, passionate love letters that may be Darcy's, and she realizes just how little she knows about the guarded, mysterious man she married...
My thoughts: Gossip, friendship, love, intrigue. This book looks like it has it all and I'm quite excited to read what happens next in the classic, Pride and Prejudice. I cannot wait, and lucky for us, we do not have to wait for long as it comes out on February 1st.

Blurb: The fallout from Richard Gaines financial debacle spreads deeply into the lives of the citizens from Salem. With John and Marlena's help, Charley believes Richie's unspeakable wrongs have been rectified. But soon she discovers the scandal has far wider implications taking her on a life-changing journey. A profusion of fireworks fills the sky during a jubilant celebration of Chinese New Year, masking a deadly blood bath in a massive drug war stretching from Hong Kong to the spectacular jungles of South Africa. As wounded are brought into Tomali Clinic in the heart of the Timbavarti, Dr. Kayla Brady and her renegade husband Steve 'Patch' Johnson realize that drugs are just the tip of the iceberg. With the help of family and friends in the media and the International Security Alliance from Hong Kong to London they work to uncover the deadly secret that threatens not only the clinic struggling due to financial ruin, but their very lives and their love. New relationships are forged, old loves destroyed, and others emerge from the cataclysmic events stronger than ever.  
My thoughts: You can definitely find scandal in Salem, and I cannot wait to read this! While I will have to drool over the cover for a few months, as it comes out May 1st, but I will definitely pre-order this novel!

Blurb: Passion ignites in Nicole Jordan’s delectable, dazzling conclusion to The Courtship Wars. 
Two years after losing her beloved fiancĂ© to war, Tess Blanchard feels ready to chance love again. Thus she’s aghast when a threatening scandal forces her to wed her longtime nemesis, Ian Sutherland, Duke of Rotham. The impossibly arrogant, irresistibly seductive nobleman is the last man Tess could ever imagine loving. Making matters worse, she discovers secrets in Rotham’s wicked past that send her fleeing London for his remote castle in Cornwall. Having long desired Tess, Ian is exasperated that the ton thinks he’s driven his reluctant new bride from their marriage bed and follows hard on her heels. Naturally, their spirited rivalry leads to glorious, pleasure-filled nights—complicated by a mysterious ghost who haunts Ian’s castle and Tess’s vexing insistence that he play matchmaker to her friends. But can blazing desire between two warring hearts turn into wedded bliss and timeless love? 
My thoughts: Ghosts, desire, love, and secrets... This February 22nd release looks very sweet and scandalous. The story seems like it has multiple layers that weaves through the lives of the main characters. I'm really looking forward to Jordan's release.

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What is your favorite scandal - literary or otherwise? For me, it is the rise and fall of Anne Boleyn!

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Zee said...

Hi Sherry! Thanks so much for having me!

Michele Hart said...

They sound like great stories! I love Anne Boleyn, too!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Oh, I'm obsessed with Tudor England! Ann Boleyn is one of my two favorite historical figures. Eleanor of Aquitaine is my number one! Both women are so scandalous - they know what they want and they risk all to get it.