22 August 2011

Danielle Ravencraft talks about her novel A Trace of Love


I’m Danielle Ravencraft and today is the first post starting my 10-day blog tour. Thanks so much for joining me and Sherry Gloag as we celebrate the release of my debut Erotic Contemporary Romance story.

A Trace of Love is about a young woman named Ophelia Martinez who bumps into her old high school crush, Trace Curtis. He doesn’t remember her, so Ophelia decides to take a chance and have some fun with Trace. Things turn ugly as Trace falls for Ophelia and the truth threatens to surface. Ophelia knows she can’t live in the past, especially with the secret that haunts her present.

A Trace of Love is the first part of a three-book series, followed by A Trace of Passion and A Trace of Hope. Visit my website to follow Ophelia and Trace’s journey and learn more about my other projects.

About me:

I’m the eldest daughter of a very ethnic family (American/Mexican/Bulgarian) and was raised all over the Chicago area. I got to travel a lot as a kid since visiting extended family meant a trip to Mexico or to Europe. I love to travel and know my way around an airport. My family taught me to appreciate different cultures. One of my favorite things about traveling is seeing how other people live, their beliefs, and, most importantly, what they eat. I can’t get enough ethnic food. LOL.

Now that I’m an adult and have to pay my own way, I don’t get to travel as much. But I still have Chicago only an hour’s drive away. I’m on cloud nine whenever I visit that city. I’ve been to New York City, which is awesome, but I still think Chicago’s better.

Currently, I live in Wisconsin with my two dogs. Yes, I endured about a year of culture shock up here in Dairy Land, but I’ve grown to enjoy the slower pace and close community. My urban youth lives on in my writing. Whatever adventure my characters go on, you can be sure it will include taxis and high-rise flats instead of dragons and castles.

Over the next few days, you’ll meet Ophelia and Trace from A Trace of Love and learn about the inspiration behind the story.

Join us here on Sherry’s Gloag’s The Heart of Romance blog on the 25th for a chance to win a free PDF copy of A Trace of Love.

Learn more about Danielle Ravencraft on her website at http://RavencraftRomance.com

Email Danielle Ravencraft at Danielle_Ravencraft@yahoo.com


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J. D. Brown said...

Thanks for having me, Sherry. :)

- Danielle