23 August 2011

More about Danielle Ravencraft and A Trace of Love,

When I was younger, I never understood the point of reading contemporary romance. It was much more fun to pretend to be a princess locked in a tower, waiting for Prince Charming to rescue me from my evil step-mother or the dragon who was secretly my friend, or really, from my own dull existence.

As I got a little older, my view of Prince Charming changed. Instead of the shining armor and white steed, he would wear black leather and ride a Harley. But I still expected the magic to be there: The instant love at first sight, the spark of that first, accidental touch, and the fireworks during the first kiss.

Real life meant fights and broken promises, tears, and eventually divorce. The younger me wouldn’t have it. I convinced myself my soul mate was out there somewhere, that he would never ever hurt me, and that when I met him, I’d magically know he was THE ONE.

You’re probably laughing at me now, but that’s okay.

As you might have guessed, that dream was lost as I grew up and had a string of real relationships. I think in every relationship you learn something about yourself and about what you truly want in a husband. For one thing, I’ve learned that falling in love is the easy part. Staying in love takes work. And while Prince Charming may not sweep you off your feet with a grand display of fireworks, he will remember to stock the fridge with your favorite soft drink, take you to the latest Twilight premier, and stick by you side through thick or thin.

When I first sat down to write A Trace of Love, I knew right away that Trace and Ophelia would be real people and that eventually they would have a real relationship like that. But like I said…falling in love is the easy part. Staying in love takes work. Can Trace and Ophelia cut it?

Blurb: Ophelia Martinez has a chance encounter with internationally famous rock-star, Trace Curtis. To Ophelia, Trace will always be the charming boy she met in high school. They share one night together in which Trace falls in love with Ophelia. But Ophelia knows she can’t continue to live in the past, at least not with the secret that haunts her present.

Come back tomorrow and meet Ophelia, the heroine form A Trace of Love. Be sure to stop by on the 25th for a chance to win a free PDF copy of A Trace of Love.

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