18 August 2011

Evelyn Welle Author of "The Underlying Beat" in Paramourtal

Evelyn Welle, Author of "The Underlying Beat" in Paramourtal, talks to us today about what inspired her to write The Underlying Beat

Several moving instrumental pieces inspired “The Underlying Beat,” my paranormal romance tale. Megan had never questioned her sanity until meeting reclusive and mysterious composer Lee. The haunting music’s underlying beat and inexplicable visions infiltrate her mundane life. As the hypnotic combination resurrects and intensifies forgotten longings, she encounters the eternal powers of the heart.

Creative writing was my first love even though my career still focuses on corporate communications and publication editing. When Cliffhanger Books published my short story in “Paramourtal,” it fulfilled a lifelong dream. As co-editor of the book, I enjoyed reading and commenting on an amazingly diverse range of paranormal character types, plots, settings and tones. The result is an engrossing anthology that’s more varied and distinctive than we hoped.

My strength has always been grammar and writing style over story idea. I had already written my tale before reading submissions, so the innovative concepts and ingenious novelty of many blew me away. I marveled how several visionary authors created imaginative fictional worlds and unconventional supernatural character types. Two examples are “A Touch of Sand” by Nicole Brugger-Dethmers and “The Prince and the Spoon” by Kelly Wisdom. These and other stories inspired my mind to take an unrestrained leap and a fanciful approach in writing “Believed into Being” for “Paramourtal 2.” I surprised myself by enabling an uncommon paranormal character type to wield unbelievable magical powers in a more inventive love story. So thanks, “Paramourtal” authors.

My passion for words inspires me to create emotional connections to elicit heartfelt reactions. Beautiful instrumental music encourages my flowery writing style. This combination makes romance the perfect genre for me. Fiction writing is so much fun because my characters often take over and write their own tale. I’m always eager to see how their love story will evolve and turn out when I get to the sometimes unexpected end. I wrote contemporary romance before switching to the paranormal sub-genre. It allows me to go further creatively with the opportunity to involve colorful characters with more layers and captivating supernatural powers. Being able to push creative license beyond mortal limitations is tempting, freeing and rewarding.

Evelyn: Megan, what was your reaction when you met Lee?
Megan: Fear, but I didn’t know if he was truly dangerous or just extremely quirky. I wanted to escape until I watched and listened to an astounding live performance. Then I vowed to discover the truth behind the antisocial artist’s well-concealed past. Since I was harboring a sensitive secret too, I sympathized with Lee for wanting to guard his. But I couldn’t imagine why anyone so talented would rather hide out in the woods than enjoy fame in the public eye.
Evelyn: Lee, what was your reaction when you met Megan?
Lee: She seemed nice, so I didn’t want to scare her. But I had to protect my anonymity to preserve my safety. I couldn’t let anyone discovered my identity. Yet when she embraced my music, I let my guard down for the first time in years.
Evelyn: Megan, how did Lee’s music affect you?
Megan: Before meeting Lee, I found it dark, depressing and vague. But in person, it blew me away. I had a shockingly deep visceral reaction to it. Lee’s style is so expressive that it swept me through a swell of emotions from highs to lows. The intensity burst forth from my heart and sent chills cascading down my arms. And the underlying beat was so hypnotic, it continued to reverberate in my chest long after the music ended.
Evelyn: Lee, what inspires your music?
Lee: I wondered that myself when my style changed suddenly. It just flowed out of me in a mix of New Age and classical tone poem styles that depicts the emotion of a story, poem or imagery from fantasy, imagination or memory. Pouring my energy into compositions felt so cathartic, I quit questioning the source of my muse until Megan figured it out.
Evelyn: Megan, did you sense any correlation between Lee’s music and secluded life style?
Megan: Only someone who had gone from love to loss to bittersweet acceptance could emote in a flourish of extremes and move me so profoundly.
Evelyn: Lee, why did you let Megan into your life?
Lee: After years of living in exile, some unexplainable force overpowered my standard objection to publicity and compelled me to meet her. I felt an incredible bond with Megan and was powerless to stop it.
Evelyn: Megan, what did think caused your weird dreams and visions?
Megan: They freaked me out, so I thought I was going insane. But somehow, the inexplicable oddities implicated Lee’s mesmerizing and addictive music. I’d never believed in the occult, but something otherworldly had taken control. I never would have guessed the source, but I’m grateful it brought Lee into my life and granted us closure at last.

Author bio including previous published work.
Evelyn Welle began her writing career as Poet Laureate of the Fifth Grade. While earning an English and journalism degree at Texas Christian University, she won two poetry awards. Evelyn has been a corporate communications professional and publication editor for over 30 years. In 2005, she won second place in a Romance Writers of America contest. Evelyn was co-editor of Cliffhanger Books’ 2010 “Paramourtal” anthology that included her paranormal romance short story, “The Underlying Beat.” She also started the Cliffhanger Books blog of fiction writing tips. Look for her latest story, “Believed into Being,” in the upcoming “Paramourtal 2.” Evelyn and her family live in north Texas.

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