15 August 2011

Meet the first author of Paramourtal this week

This week THoR is hosting a collection of authors who, together, participating in this compelling paranormal anthology Paramourtal. And our first featured author
Nicole Brugger-Dethmers 

"Paramourtal is a collection of spellbinding new paranormal romance stories that will grip your heart and haunt you for days."http://www.cliffhangerbooks.com/books-paramourtal.html
Today Nicole Brugger-Dethmers Author of "A Touch of Sand" in Paramourtal tells us a little bit about herself and her contribution.

Author Bio: Nicole Brugger-Dethmers likes romance best when she can couple it with fantasy. Previously, she has published a YA fantasy short story. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and two cats.

About Paramourtal: I am so lucky to be represented in Paramourtal with so many great writers! I’ve laughed and/or gasped my way through every story, and I think there’s a little bit of something for everyone. One of the things I like best is the wide variety of paranormal characters, including unusual ones and unique spins on familiar ones.

Interview with Angeline and Nicholas:
Nicole: Angeline and Nicholas, can you tell me a little bit of how you first met?

Angeline: I was really quite young, eight or nine perhaps. I was being a dreadful nuisance to my mother one day. She sent me out of doors with my nursemaid, and I suppose I thought it was great fun to annoy her as well, as children often do. The poor woman chased me all over town, it seemed. To get away from her, I ran across the bridge spanning the river, but since I was paying more attention to what was behind me than what was before me, I tripped and nearly plunged headlong into the water. Nicholas appeared as if by magic and saved me.

Nicholas: Although I remember that day fondly, I recall meeting Angeline before then. It was some years prior, and Angeline had lost a favorite rag doll. She was crying most prodigiously, and even at that young age, I felt I had a duty to stop those tears. I found the doll in a bag of flour in the pantry, of all places! How she managed to get past my mother, I will never know.

Angeline: Oh, I do remember that day! Yes, Nicholas appeared before me all covered in flour, holding my little Betsy doll. I was so embarrassed at having been found out playing in the pantry, I just grabbed her up and ran away!

Nicole: How do you handle coming from two different social worlds?

Nicholas: Very badly, in some cases! It is tiresome dealing with those who do not understand our situation and cannot imagine a world in which people like us are together. I am afraid to say I have lost my temper on more than one occasion.

Nicole: Situation?

Nicholas: Angeline being from her family, myself being the son of the housekeeper, and both of us deeply in love with each other. It seems likely we would have continued on the paths assigned to us by our families and society if it had not been for the Sandman’s interference. For that, at least, I can thank him.

Nicole: Ah, yes, the Sandman. Could you speak a little about him? What was he like?

Angeline: He was… very kind to me. Very gentle. But also very sad and lonely. I could read it in his face and his tone. It must have been so hard to be by himself for so many years. I find I cannot be too angry with him.

Nicole: He took you to his castle outside of time, in the Desert with No Name. What was it like there?

Angeline: Terrifying, to begin with. It is difficult to appreciate the beauty and splendor of a place when you have been taken there against your will! But the Sandman’s castle is truly wondrous. He can change the very nature of the walls to make windows appear!

Nicole: Nicholas, what is your favorite thing that Angeline does? And Angeline, your favorite thing Nicholas does?

Nicholas: She has this adorable little dance she does when she gets excited or is extremely happy…

Angeline: *blushes* When he cleans the oven without a shirt on!

Story excerpt from “A Touch of Sand”: Somnus the Sandman has taken Angeline to his castle in the Desert with No Name. With the help of a mysterious crone, Nicholas has travelled through his dreams to find her, but the enchantment will not last forever…

Nicholas reached out again, as if to caress her face. His fingers curled into fists. She could see the walls through his incorporeal body.

“God, I wish I could touch you,” he breathed, voice catching.

Heat flashed through her, leaving her limbs weak and nearly taking her voice away. “Please, do not leave me!”

“I will always be with you,” he said, and he leaned in until his ghostly lips were alongside her cheek. “Wait for me!”

His countenance faded from view, but his words echoed in her ears.

Angeline reentered the maze of corridors and returned to her room. The few minutes with Nicholas had revitalized her. Now in his absence, she felt spiritless, like a toy that had wound down.

Sitting in the room’s overstuffed armchair, she imagined his sun-bronzed arms enveloping her and easing her anxious heart.

You can learn more about Nicole Brugger-Dethmers at http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4428562.Nicole_Brugger_Dethmers

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